What Our Customers Say - 

"Unreal system guys! and the water taste like rain water. I didn't know what a reverse osmosis system was until a friend recommended one and I got in touch with H2Ofiltration. I installed the water filter myself and found the instructions helpful and really easy to follow. My wife currently has cancer and after doing some research on cancer only being able to thrive in an acidic state and not an Alkaline state, I knew your RO system would give her the healthiest water possible. Even my dog loves the water! I highly recommend this system to anyone!"

Craig Johnson


My family and I are wrapped with our new reverse osmosis system. Adelaide water is terrible and we were not impressed with our basic carbon block water filter anymore. We got it installed connecting up to your 3 way mixer tap and extended a line through a 3 way valve to the ice maker and chiller in the fridge. Let me tell you, nothing beats RO ice in your drink! We shopped around a bit for a system but nothing came close to yours in terms of price and quality also with friendly service to match. Very happy with it!

Steve Turner


I just wanted to let you know that this has been the greatest purifying system we have ever owned. We had looked at many local big named companies before trying your water filter products. We have well water and it is extreme. This system keeps our water at a consistent 60ppm and a Alkaline PH of 9.7. On behalf of my wife and my baby girl we want to thank you for the great product and your awesome customer service. Thank you.

Robert Berger



We just had our water dosed with Fluoride in December and after doing a lot of research of this now known neurotoxin, I wasn't going to take any risks for my family. Your system works great and we can't fault it. Everyone loves the water!

Katie Donald